Important Safety Notice

Important Safety Notice – Kicker/Cruiser

Before each use, to prevent motor damage, check kill cord is not attached and then check propeller rotates freely by hand. After each use, rinse the motor in fresh water thoroughly to prevent salt water corrosion as salt water corrosion may also cause the propeller to seize. If the propeller is stuck, for example also due to an object or weed in the propeller housing, then do not repeatedly try to run the motor. Instead, remove the kill cord and remove the obstacle until the propeller rotates freely.

If you are unable to free the propeller then please contact us

ThrustMe Kicker/Cruiser Version 1 – 2020 to 2021

In extreme circumstances, repeatedly trying to run a Version 1 motor with a stuck propeller can cause the motor controller to overheat and short circuit with a potential risk of fire or explosion. Additional features in V2 and later motors help prevent this issue.

If you have purchased a V1 motor please contact us for a free software upgrade to prevent this issue.

Note: A V1 motor can be easily identified as it will contain the year 2021 or 2020 within the serial number for example: 02-2021-101