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21V10A Charger for ThrustMe Outdoorbox

21V10A Charger for ThrustMe Outdoorbox

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The Rebelcell 21V10A li-ion battery charger is the perfect choice for fast, safe and automatic charging of your Outdoorbox ThrustMe. This charger includes a built-in charging programme (CC/CV) and is suitable for indoor us. . Operating at 21V, this charger has a capacity of 10A and will charge a Outdoorbox ThrustMe battery within 4-5 hours.

Powerful, compact and lightweight 21V10A battery charger that quickly and efficiently charges your Outdoorbox ThrustMe. Besides operating at 21V and having a capacity of 10A, this battery charger is also very light (0.8kg) and small in size, making it easy to take your charger anywhere.

Furthermore, the charger is easy and safe to use. You don’t need any extra gear to charge your Outdoorbox ThrustMe.  Just connect the green ANEN connector to your Outdoorbox ThrustMe and the built-in charging programme (CC/CV) automatically does the rest. The built-in LED lights tell you how far the charging process has progressed. Furthermore, the charger is safe to use due to short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, over voltage protection and automatic switch-off upon completion of the charging process, among other things.

This charger is only suitable for charging the Outdoorbox ThrustMe . Therefore, other batteries or Outdoorboxes cannot be charged with this charger.
In our knowledge base, we provide more information on how best to charge your battery.

Charging times
Outdoorbox ThrustMe: 4-5 h.

  • Compatible with: Outdoorbox ThrustMe
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Safety of use: no risk of overcharging, protected against reverse polarity, short circuit and overvoltage
  • Quick charging: full charging within 4-5 hours (ODB ThrustMe)
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