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Rebelcell Outdoorbox for ThrustMe Electric Motors 18.5V - 36 Amps - 673 Wh

Rebelcell Outdoorbox for ThrustMe Electric Motors 18.5V - 36 Amps - 673 Wh

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Compact, waterproof (IP67), robust and lightweight (4.9kg) Outdoorbox ThrustMe, exclusively designed as an ‘all-day’ external power source for use ThrustMe Kicker and Cruiser trolling engines. Featuring an integrated (18.5V36Ah / 673Wh) li-ion battery and bluetooth to connect to the Rebelcell app it can can boost your ThrustMe runtime up to 4x.

The ODB ThrustMe is the ideal power source if you are looking for additional runtime for your ThrustMe while maintaining the compact, light weight features of the ThrustMe engine: the ThrustMe Kicker + Outdoorbox ThrustMe combo just weighs 9.5 kg!

Just a quick trip to shore in the dinghy from your sailing yacht go get supplies? Just take the ThrustMe Kicker. An all day trip cruising the canals and enjoying the city or a full day of kayak fishing ? The ThrustMe Kicker / Cruiser with the  Outdoorbox ThrustMe is  the way to go.

  • Power: 18.5V - 36 Amps - 673 Wh
  • Application: ThrustMe Kicker, ThrustMe Cruiser electric trolling engines only
  • Runtime: depends on boat load, weather conditions, currents and gear of ThrustMe engine. The ODB can quadruple the range of the ThrustMe (indicative runtime: up to 8 hours at half speed)
  • Included: ODB ThrustMe, Quick Connect ThrustMe cable (user manual available in PDF).
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